STOP THE BLEED







The Department of Defence’s (DOD) STOP THE BLEED programme is designed to train and equip the public to be able to treat traumatic injuries involving severe bleeding until the first responders to arrive.

We’re excited to announce that Remote Medical Response Ltd was recently issued a STOP THE BLEED Educational Licence and we look forward to teaching our community and clients how to STOP THE BLEED.

it is estimated that more than 30,000 lives could be saved each year if more people had this basic, straightforward, but vital STOP THE BLEED training. Key to the programme’s success are organisations licensed to teach DOD approved STOP THE BLEED courses.

We are also part of the Stop the Bleed Coalition. The Coalition is an IRS approved, tax exempt, 501(c)3 charitable organisation. It was formed with a mandate ro support the STOP THE BLEED campaign and is the only nonprofit organisation with that singular purpose.

The MISSION of the Stop the Bleed Coalition is to support the STOP THE BLEED campaign by providing resources that enable collaboration and cooperation between the many people and organisations working to train and equip others, to reduce the loss of life due to traumatic bleeding.

The coalition is licensed by the US Department of Defence to support the STOP THE BLEED campaign. The coalition offers a wide variety of DoD approved services and products to the growing STOP THE BLEED community and to the general public.

STOP THE BLEED is a public health initiative with support across public and private sector organisations, and individuals committed to saving lives. Remote Medical Response Ltd joins the growing public/private partnership fuelling the campaign.

Visit to learn more about the STOP THE BLEED campaign.

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